Are you looking to start your own pre-/post-natal fitness endeavor?!

With 15 years in the industry, I have learned so much and want to share that knowledge with you to start your own successful business venture or side hustle!

As your consultant, I will share the latest scientific and market research/trends to help guide and advise you regarding industry and market insights, especially for startups or new businesses working with prenatal and postpartum clients.


Some of my roles include;

  • -Meet with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation
  • -Collect information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports etc.)
  • -Analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems, and comprehend the causes
  • -Formulate recommendations and solutions with attention to a client’s needs/wishes, capabilities, and limitations forming concise reports
  • -Present findings and suggestions to clients with ample justification and practical advice
  • -Develop detailed business plans to drive small or radical changes
  • -Assist the client in implementing the plan and resolve any occasional discrepancies
  • -Provide guidance for any occurring problems and issues

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