Training Programs

Find the perfect program for every stage of your pregnancy & postpartum journey!



Home-based training program for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Ideal for those between 20-36 weeks gestation.

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Are you ready for birth?

This 4-week program is the perfect prep for the birth-day!

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Phase I: Core Foundations

Re-build core strength & heal diastasis safely with this 8-session ab rehab, strength, & endurance program.

Ideal for those who are between 4-12 weeks after delivery.

*Consult with your primary healthcare provider before resuming exercise after delivery*

Phase II: Fit Mom at Home

This training program is for the mom who has a busy schedule and prefers to train at home using minimal equipment.
Ideal for those who are 12-36 weeks postpartum.

Phase III: Stroller Fitness

Hit the trails with us in London or St Thomas (Ontario)!

Ideal for those who have seen a pelvic floor physio therapist and who have completed Phases I & II.