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Cathy C.

I would consider having another baby just to do Stroller again! I have never felt so good and looked so good and it’s all because Steph motivated me to be healthier. Stroller bootcamp was the highlight of my maternity leave (aside from my baby, of course!). People worry about how pregnancy will change their bodies, but I love mine now even more than before I was pregnant! I actually stopped measuring myself because it wasn’t about LOOKING good anymore (Steph helped me accomplish my weight goal in no time), it was about just BEING healthy and active. It is about loving just moving my body and being strong, no matter what I looked like. Steph makes being healthy FUN! And when being active is fun, it is sustainable! And now I just want to see how much I can lift and how strong I can be.

Stephanie S.

Stephanie’s baby bootcamp was such a great experience! It was so wonderful being able to exercise outside and bring my baby and toddler with me. I found Stephanie to be highly motivational, friendly and supportive which was great as I had been out of the bootcamp circuit for a while. There was a great variety of exercises with all different levels of intensities (perfect for me) and she was sure to walk us through each one making sure we were doing them correctly. I loved the one on one training she provided! Overall had a great time. I looked forward to seeing the girls each morning and my toddler had so much fun watching us that he would join in with the ab exercises at the end of the class. It was super cute. I highly recommend trying this class out. You will not be disappointed!

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Odessa D.

Stephanie incorporates a variety of strength training and cardio into her classes, keeping each session interesting and fun. She uses her knowledge to adapt/modify each move for everyone. I’d recommend Stephanie’s class to anyone looking for a great workout!

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Judy D.

Training with Stephanie, through her Women’s Strength Training and Boot Camp classes, was fun, educational and motivating. She got this 42 yr old to move! Using what she taught me, I was able to build an exercise program at home and be confident enough to follow through. I am stronger and more healthy than I’ve been in the last 25 years. Thank you Steph for the push!

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Megan S.

I would highly recommend Steph to anyone looking to work out safely and stay active during their pregnancy.

I wanted to stay active during my pregnancy, but, left to my own devices, it often didn’t happen. By my third trimester, I felt that I was losing strength, but was nervous about exercising for fear of overexerting myself or hurting something. I didn’t need any more aches and pains in addition to the normal pregnancy ones. I started working with Steph because I wanted to go into childbirth feeling strong, and if I was going to start working out so late in the game, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly.

I really enjoyed working out with Steph one on one. She thoroughly explained all the exercises and their benefits, and gave suggestions on what I could do on my own during the week. She was very knowledgeable not only on physical fitness, but also on physical fitness during pregnancy because of her extensive experience working with pregnant women, as well as her focus on that with her graduate research and education.