Stroller Fitness: Dorchestor/Ingersoll


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StrongHer Mom & Baby Stroller Fitness class includes a combination of cardio, light-moderate intensity interval training, body weight circuits, strength training, diastasic rehab, core-therapy & connection time for you and your baby. Throughout the program, your fitness level, body and confidence will be transformed! A StrongHer Fitness Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist will guide you through two classes per week for a total of 12 strength & conditioning sessions!  Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length. This program is for all experience and fitness levels.”

Classes run Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30am-10:45am (75mins).

Location: Dorchester/Ingersoll (TBD)

This program is tailored for all fitness levels! See London Stroller Fitness for both Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced programs.


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Session #1: April 30-June 6 ($129)

Session #2: June 11-July 18 ($129)

Session #3: July 23-July 29 ($129)



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Session 1: April 1 – May 8, 2019, Season 2: May 13 – June 19, 2019, Session 3: June 24 – July 31, 2019, Session 4: August 5 – September 12, 2019


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